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Disc Repair - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. How does three-r repair CD, DVDs, and game discs?
The repair process is done with high-speed automated precision equipment that uses material specifically tested and proven effective on CD, DVDs, and game discs. The severity of the damage on the disc determines the level of repair needed. Our repair technicians inspect each disc to determine the severity of damage and repair it using the appropriate number of refinishing stages. If your disc is badly damaged with deep scratches it will go through several refinishing stages and one polish cycle. The initial stage is done with precision sanding that effectively grinds the shiny surface to the depth of the deepest scratch. The subsequent stages are basically the same, but with a finer sanding grades that begin to smooth and reshine the surface of the disc. The polish cycle gives your disc the brilliant shiny look allowing for optical clarity needed for uninterrupted laser detection.

2. Can every disc be repaired?
No. Damage or scratches on the label side cannot be repaired. This is permanent damage done to the data stamped on the disc and cannot be replaced. Since discs are not created equal it is difficult to say whether the amount of damage you have will render the disc unusable. Many discs can have top damage and not show any sign of interruption.

If you are considering sending us your disc it is important to check both sides for any cracks. Cracks sometimes look like a scratch, but cannot be repaired. Hold the disc up to a bright light, with the shiny surface facing you. If any patches of light show through, then the data has been damaged and cannot be repaired.

Most CDs are repairable, following the guidelines above will help you get the best possible results from your repaired disc. There is no process that can restore damaged or missing encoding from the label side, therefore it is important to screen your discs carefully before sending them in for repair.

3. Will the disc be restored 100%?
The shiny side of the disc is the only side that can be repaired. three-r will repair the disc to "virtually brand new condition". The original polished appearance will be restored. Residual virtually undetectable hairline scratches may remain, please see question 4. Any damage done to the top or label side cannot be repaired.

4. What about deep gouges, chips, or cracks?
Occasionally scratches are so deep we consider them a gouge. Some gouges may be so deep that they actually reach the data foil. Although most gouges can be removed, we will not risk ruining the data foil. When this occurs the resurfacing process is stopped and a light scratch will remain. This light scratch may or may not affect the play of the disc. When chips are present they are most likely on the edge of the disc and cannot be repaired. Cracks cannot be repaired.

5. Does a perfectly resurfaced disc guarantee it will play?
No. There can be a number of reasons other than a scratch on the play-side that is preventing your disc from playing. Your data foil may have top damage, a manufacturer defect, or some other anomaly. three-r's service is to remove imperfections to the play-side of the disc that are made by accident or abuse.

6. Can I repair a disc myself?
Although other methods are available for repairing discs, we highly recommend using a professional service.