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About three-r

With discs becoming more widely used over the last 10 years for DVD, Music and Console applications there is an ever increasing need for a service to repair discs back to their working condition.

At three-r we have become more aware of the lack of a quality service, for small quantities at low rates. We are able to bring this low cost service to you by repairing the discs "in-house" and by grouping small orders in with our regular large batches, we are able to process discs economically and reflect this in our prices. 100 discs are usually processed within 48 hours.

By using our service you can expect to receive a higher price come trade-in as every retailer will prefer a new disc to an old one. Some retailers offer £4 less for discs that are badly scratched yet our service can cost from £1.00!

If you have any queries regarding our service please contact us via email or telephone and we will be more than pleased to offer any advice as necessary.

Thank you for your interest.